Jay Haley: The Teacher

Jay Haley’s books and videos

One of Jay Haley’s greatest contributions to the field is the education and training of therapists, researchers and instructors around the world. Haley has written books on therapy and therapist training, and he has created several therapist training videos. His publications are written in a clear and concise style and include many examples to illustrate the major ideas within the field of therapy. For the first time, therapists and instructors seeking access to Haley’s training materials can purchase them online at: Haley-Therapies.com.

A Quiz for Young Therapists – By Jay Haley

  1. Should a therapist think of himself, or herself, as a skillful technician or as a humanist and philosopher?
  2. In relation to being a successful therapist, what are the differences between psychiatrists, social workers, and psychologists?
  3. Is the goal of therapy to change people to become members of special elites or to change them to be normal like other people?
  4. Should a therapist join in the madness of others or remain outside their universe?
  5. Should the therapist work swiftly or leisurely?
  6. Will reflecting upon himself, or herself, improve the results of a therapist?
  7. When one thinks of therapy as poetry, does a skillful therapist write sonnets or free verse?
  8. Will a therapist be more successful if he is curious about life’s complexity or if he is single minded in his focus upon his goals?
  9. Name two ideologies that handicap a therapist.
  10. Should a therapist insist upon change?
  11. Is it unethical to adopt the theory that change is slow and difficult and every patient must come to therapy several hours a week for many years?
  12. Will a therapist be more successful if he is humble?
  13. Should the therapist be a serious person?
  14. What is therapy?
  15. Is it true that therapy in the past consisted of someone offering an unformulated problem to a therapist unable to specify a goal who was working with an irrelevant theory in an ambiguous style to achieve an immeasurable outcome?

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